Colligere Farm Management specializes in growing wine grapes of all varieties. We manage acreage all over northern California. We start by doing things right. We know that your grapes have to be of the highest quality, and we are one of the industry leaders in Sustainable Wine Grape Growing.

Robert Pirie, President of Colligere Farm Management is one of the founding members of The Lodi Rules!, he played a vital role in forming the standards in which future wine-grape growers will adhere to in order to obtain certification for their vineyards. We had one of the first six participating ranches in The Lodi Rules since it's inception. With more acres being certified each year. Our management style has become primarily sustainable farming.

This program was established in 2005 to set standards specific to Lodi appellations. Sustainability isn't just using less toxic chemicals, it's a complete way of farming. It starts with preserving the water, soil, natural wildlife and native plants. We use drip irrigation specific to each area's needs based on soil conditions, temperature and nutrition, this enables us to utilize as little water as possible. We use permanent cover crop to sustain the top soil, putting discing at a minimum. Owl and bat boxes are just another way for us to maintain the eco balance while cutting down on rodents and insects. Sustainability carries through from how we treat the land, water, plant life, wildlife, but also the people in the community that are all integral parts of the process. From the ranch employees, the viticulturist, to the wineries where the grapes ultimately make their way to the consumer. Each member is a part of our Sustainability Plan.